August & Vine

"We can be heroes, just for one day." - David Bowie

August & Vine thinks love is a big deal. You've found each other! That's huge. That's epic. And it deserves to be celebrated and captured and remembered! Your wedding photos are a way of bottling that love and that energy, on a day that is saluting it, so you can open up and drink in that feeling again and again, every day for the rest of your lives. 

Just as august is grand, awe-inspiring, majestic, celebrated, the vine is simply a plant whose stems require support. That's marriage. The union of two people vowing to support each other in life, and a wedding is the great celebration of that. But it's also the coming together of loved ones to further nurture that bond. August & Vine is wedding photography that captures the unique beauty in your love story. The details, the moments, the feelings. Because you deserve images that honour that in every way possible.

Love makes heroes out of us. Photos remind us of what that feels like. 

August & Vine | Wedding Photographer | Editorial | New Zealand Photographer | Martinborough Wedding | Wedding Dress
August & Vine | Wedding Photographer | New Zealand Photographer | Wairarapa Wedding Photographer
Martinborough Wedding Photographer
August & Vine | Wedding Photographer | New Zealand Photographer | Wellington Wedding Photographer
August & Vine | Wedding Photographer | New Zealand Photographer | NZ Wedding Photographer

Your Wairarapa & Wellington Wedding Photographer


Photography never gave up on me. Most people that know me will say I've always been the one with the camera. I'm not about to tell you I was a child artist, instead I just realised early on that a photo could bring back a memory instantly and I LOVED that. So wherever I went, a camera was with me. After studying photography, I was "convinced" to follow a different more "sensible" career path. But through all the twists and turns of life, photography was there, documenting and nurturing my soul. As more and more shoots crept in, the passion drowned the rest out and photography took over. Working as a commercial photographer focussing on fashion and food, I then caught the wedding bug and everything finally clicked into place. It's not "sensible," it's epic. I'm officially obsessed.

Weddings are important. Whether there are two people or two hundred, they are pretty special days. I'm here to capture your memories, your emotions and your stories, not mine, so when you look at your images, you'll feel those moments again every time. I'm also here to help you have your best day. Think of me as your wedding guru. You're not just getting a photographer; you're getting an experience. If I can organise a 747 to land at Ohakea Airforce base so George Michael can get his stage set to Wellington in time, I can help make your dream day!  

As a Wairarapa and Wellington Wedding Photographer based in Martinborough, I am also available throughout New Zealand. I look forward to creating with you to ensure that your wedding day photos are exceptional.

It's your beautiful world that I'm here to photograph & I'm committed to doing my best for you. 

August & Vine | Wedding Photographer | New Zealand Photographer | Wairarapa Weddings
August & Vine | Wild Hearts Recommended Vendor | Wedding Photographer
August & Vine | Wild Hearts | Wedding Photographer | Auckland Wedding | NZ Wedding Photographer

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"Wow Sam! Thanks so much! We are super happy to have so many amazing pictures! Thanks for making our day feel so relaxed and helping me feel at ease, I’m surprised at how many of the photos I like! So super happy we chose you. Loved every minute of it!"

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…If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you.

When mountains crumble to the sea, there will

still be you and me…